Brand: Sky-Watcher Model: 1029
The AC 60/700 telescope:With its 60mm aperture, this telescope gathers 70X more light than the naked eye and so is a typical beginner's telescope. With its maximum magnification of 120X, it can show you detail on the planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. The cratered ..
Be PVM:98.35€
Brand: Sky-Watcher Model: 5000
Manufacturer's product description:The Optics of the AC 70/700:With its 70mm aperture, this refractor collects 100 times more light than the naked eye and substantially more light than a typical beginner telescope possessing an only slightly smaller aperture of 60mm. This means it als..
Be PVM:156.20€
Brand: Omegon Model: 61021T
The telescope for beginners who finally want to experience celestial objects for themselvesAs a fan of the cosmos you’d like to take a look beyond our borders. To see stars, planets and nebulae that give you an impression of the vastness of space? Now you can experience it - without yet being an exp..
Be PVM:495.04€
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